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Should my vehicle be clean before I Shipping to or from Alaska?

Please ensure that your vehicle is washed before you Moving your vehicle to or from Alaska . A clean vehicle is best suited for inspection to determine any preexisting damage before Car Shipping.

What if my car does not run very well?

For the best experience, your vehicle should be in safe operating condition. This includes brakes, steering, tires, etc (unless otherwise noted before Shipping). Car Shipping must document any abnormalities. Just so you know, transporting vehicles not in good working order is possible, but this needs to be communicated as soon as possible so accomodations can be made to ensure the transport of your vehicle to or from Alaska will be safe and secure.

Do I need to provide keys when I Moving my car?

Yes! Before Vehicle Transport, provide a copy of your keys to the driver upon pickup or delivery to port in Alaska. Please be sure that this copy does in fact work and keep the original set for yourself.

What paperwork does Car Shipping need for the vehicle?

Car Shipping will need original copies of your registration, title, and any other notarized documents pertaining to the Shipping of the vehicle. For example, if your vehicle happens to be under a loan or a lease from your finance company. You will need a notarized document allowing permission to Transport to or from Alaska.

Do I need to own my vehicle?

If you are not the owner, make sure that you have appropriate paperwork. The necessary paperwork would be a notarized letter of authorization. For example, for co-owned vehicles, both registered owners need to sign the consent to transport form before the vehicle leaves (to or from Alaska).

What do I need to pickup/upon delivery?

Upon Shipping of you vehicle, you must have proper identification before you take possession of your car.

What do I need to know abou electronic devices?

At Car Shipping, we request that you disconnect all battery powered devices before Vehicle Shipping. It is common for the battery to run dowm if this does not happen.

Is ground clearance important?

Ground clearance is the space between the ground and the low point on your vehicle. To be shipped safely, your vehicle must have a minimum of six inches of ground clearance.

How long does it take to Ship my car to Alaska?

The delivery of your vehicle can take up to 14 days. Be aware that your can will probably be loaded on a car carrier or a truck with other cars and delivery of all cars is done in an order that logistically makes sense. Below are some guidlelines to help you along the way. All times are estimated and should not be considered a guarantee.

  • Car Shipping From Alaska:
  • Alaska to Tacoma, Washington with vessel service origin from Anchorage – approx. 7-10 days
  • Alaska to Tacoma, Washington with vessel service origin from Dutch Harbor – approx. 9-12 days
  • Alaska to Tacoma, Washington with vessel service origin from Fairbanks – approx. 10-14 days
  • Alaska to Tacoma, Washington with vessel service origin from Kodiak – approx. 9-11 days
  • Car Shipping To Alaska:
  • Tacoma, Washington to Alaska with with final destination in Anchorage – approx. 7-10 days
  • Tacoma, Washington to Alaska with with final destination in Dutch Harbor – approx. 9-12 days
  • Tacoma, Washington to Alaska with with final destination in Fairbanks – approx. 5-7 days
  • Tacoma, Washington to Alaska with with final destination in Kodiak – approx. 5-7 days

Alaska Transport Answers

One of the many parts of Car Shipping that we specialize in at Car Shipping is Alaska Vehicle Transport. All of our Alaska shipments are typically moved between Anchorage, Alaska and Seattle, Washington on a boat. The only other port in the United States that you could move your car out of is in California. If you would rather have your vehicle transported from the California port, we at Car Shipping would be glad to arrange this.

Once you have chosen your port, we at Car Shipping can pickup your automobile for Shipping anywhere that you would like and deliver it to the port. Once at the port of your choice, your automobile will be loaded on a cargo ship and transported to one of three ports in Alaska. These three ports are located in Anchorage, Kodiak, and Dutch Harbor. Once your vehicle arrives at the port closest to your destination, we can Moving your vehicle to it’s destination for you or you can pick it up yourself.

Please be aware that the Alaska Car Moving lines do have specific times for pickup and delivery at the ports in Washington or Alaska. If you arrive to drop off your vehicle too early to the port or arrive late to pick up your vehicle from the port you may accrue fees. To take the stress of making it to port on time, we offer to deliver your vehicle to port on time and pickup your vehicle from port on time. This will ensure that no unnecessary fees will result. When you choose Car Shipping for your Vehicle Shipping to or from Alaska you can be assured that you will be taken car of in every step of your Auto Transporting.

Also, please be aware that the Shipping of your vehicle can be done without placing your car on a ship for Car Shipping. The reason that we at Car Shipping use ships to Transport your vehicle to or from Alaska instead of driving through Canada is so that we can avoid lengthy customs checks when entering and leaving Canada. This saves you, our valued customer, time and money. If you would rather your vehicle be transported by car hauler through Canada to Alaska this can be arranged. Simply fill out our quote form or give us a call.

By choosing Car Shipping to Shipping your vehicle, you can be assured that the Moving of your vehicle will be safe and secure. At Car Shipping we have state of the art technology to enable the tracking and estimated delivery time of your vehicle. We ensure that your Vehicle Transport to or from Alaska will be safe. We have years of experience with Car Moving to and from Alaska. With Car Shipping, there is nothing to worry about. The Vehicle Shipping of your vehicle is in good hands.