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“I don’t hesitate to say 'Car Shipping!!' when someone asks me if I know a good transport company. Everyone is friendly, courteous and above all, professional."

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1) Always on time when promised.

2) Friendly and helpful.

3) Quick to resolve problems.

4) Great to work with.

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"Fantastic service. I've been shipping cars for 20 years and Car Shipping has the most reliable service and fastest shipping I've ever had."

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How do I prepare my RV or travel trailer for Shipping?

Use common sense. All doors doors and windows should be secured. Antennas and propane bottles should be removed and placed away from the unit. All pictures, mirrors and breakable items should be stowed. Make sure all hazardous materials, including gas or oil tanks, ammunition are secure. Ask your Car Shipping agent if you are unsure.

What forms of payment methods does Car Shipping accept?

Car Shipping will accept cash, credit cards, or certified funds for the deposit. The remaining balance is usually accepted in the form of cash or certified funds, unless other arrangements have been made. Please check with Car Shipping to be certain of their payment policies.

What form of payment does Car Shipping accept?

All Vehicle Transport companies are different, but cash, cashier check, money orders, Visa and Master Card will be accepted. We make it our policy not to accept personal or business checks. It is common to have all payment arranged prior to pick up for Car Moving.

Vehicle Shipping Payment.

Does Car Shipping Transport Class A and Class C motor homes?

Class A motor homes require drive away service. Class B and 5th wheel trailers do not. At this time we do not offer drive away service.

How far in advance should I schedule the transport of my RV?

We suggest that you schedule your Vehicle Transport as soon as you know the dates. Typically, we are able to have a truck assigned and on its way anywhere from 1 to 7 days.

If your RV is available for pick-up immediately, we will work with you on getting your vehicle scheduled as close to the preferred date as possible. It is helpful when orders are submitted 5 to10 days in advance of the available date. About 75% of our customers place orders with a first available date for pick-up of today. Scheduling your order in advance is helpful however not necessary for a successful relocation.

How much will it cost?

At Car Shipping, our agents are trained to ask the right questions. They will review your quote request and will accurately price your transport.

Pricing is determined by a few simple factors:The origin, destination, RV size, and the level of service desired. These all play a part in how your RV is quoted. Quoting can be a competitive and complicated process.

How long does it take to transport a RV?

There are two major factors in determining how long your RV transport will take for delivery. First is the distance - Typically the longer the distance for the transport the longer it will take the driver to deliver the RV. In addition to the distance, the number of stops the driver will have to make will also play a part. Unexpected delays can be caused by traffic conditions, weather conditions, and roadway conditions; rare mechanical problems can also add time to the delivery. There are many State and Federal regulations that our drivers must comply with. These regulations include restrictions on the amount of daily and weekly time the drivers can log as on duty and driving. Additionally the drivers are required to conduct daily truck safety inspections and do routine maintenance as needed.

On average, a delivery of up to 500 miles will take 1 to 3 days - 1,000 miles will take 2 to 5 days - 2,000 miles will take 4 to 8 days, and coast to coast will range from 7 to 14 days with 10 days being close to the average. Please remember these are just estimated times for delivery. Our Dispatch Department at Car Shipping will try to provide an accurate estimate of delivery as the truck assignment is made.

What steps involve shipping my RV?

After the order is placed and all paperwork submitted, the transport of your RV will be scheduled You will receive an e-mail with the estimated pickup date and time. We instruct the drivers to call the customer 12 to 24 hours in advance of pick up or delivery to establish a more accurate estimated time of arrival and to work out specific directions. When the driver picks up your RV he will perform a detailed inspection of your vehicle on a Bill of Lading. Both the person releasing the vehicle and the driver will sign this Bill of Lading and one copy is left at the RV point of origin. The same Bill of Lading will be present on delivery so that the vehicle can be re-inspected before released.

Where will my RV be picked up and delivered?

Why try to offer Door-to-Door Service. The RV will be picked up as close to your home as possible. In some cases we ask that you meet our truck at a mutually appealing location such as a supermarket or some other large parking lot. This is due to the typically large size of the trucks and the inability to maneuver through many streets, and under low bridges, wires, and branches.

What happens if I'm not available when the truck comes to pick up or deliver the RV?

We try to keep each customer well informed during the entire shipping process. We instruct the drivers to call the customer 12 to 24 hours in advance of pick up or delivery to establish a more accurate estimated time of arrival and to work out specific directions. We ask that you make yourself as available as possible. Please do not take off work or hang around your home until you speak with the driver.

In the event you are not able to release or take possession of your vehicle, you may appoint anyone to do this task. We ask that you supply us with the proper information for contact in this situation.

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If you need RV transport services, you can rely on Car Shipping to get you there – safe and secure. We proudly offer door-to-door service and are committed to offering the highest quality of service possible. With over 10 years of RV hauling experience, we can and will handle your RV/motor home with care and professionalism.

When choosing Car Shipping for your RV transport service, you can expect:

Car Shipping will make sure your RV reaches your destination, even if its on the other side of the world.